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BARBER MARMARA Hair beard comb, styling comb, hairdressing comb for hair and beard, shatterproof, flexible, anti-static, handle comb, double-sided, heat-resistant, hair comb for men, barbershop comb (034)

  • Barber Marmara Barbershop needs: perfect in form and function. Whether it’s a lot of volume, curly or straight, with or without texture, styling combs allow the individual look. Especially when teasing or straightening the hair, it is important that the comb is completely burr-free. This is the only way to ensure that the cuticula of the hair is protected. The width, length and shape of the tooth determines the type of texture and characterizes the individual look. In the salon, at home or on the go
  • Gentle on hair and scalp thanks to perfectly rounded, burr-free teeth, polished base and comb back. Very good lubricity when combing through. Chemical and heat resistant
  • The right men’s barber styling comb for every look: handle comb, cutting comb, graduating cutting comb, machine comb, universal comb, hairdressing comb, fork comb, coarse toothed hair styler comb
  • These hair cutting combs are made of carbon fibre, which is a very flexible and lightweight material. The material is extremely heat resistant (up to 150 degrees), anti-static (no charging of the hair with static electricity) and extremely dimensionally stable.
  • The Ionic toupier fork comb is anti-static, heat-resistant, resistant to chemicals and antibacterial. Widely used by hairdressers in hairdressing salon for backcombing hair. The tightening combs are used more often in the professional hairdressing salon than e.g. the backcombs.

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