Omega Shaving Brush 10049 Black

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The Omega 10049 professional shaving brush features the high performance Omega pure bristle loft.

Made in Italy.

Colour: Black

How to use: The brush bristles should be wet (not soaking) before use. Load the loft with soap or cream and apply to the areas to be shaved, using a strong circular motion. This softens the hairs and also raises them ready for shaving.

Recommended after care for your brush: When finished always rinse the brush under hot water (especially at the base of the bristles) to remove any remaining soap residue which can result in damage to the bristle and cause early shedding of the loft. The brush should then be stored loft facing down to dry. This can be achieved by using a shaving brush stand and prevents the bristles rotting at the base due to moisture.

Recommended for: Both shaving creams and shaving soaps and all skin types.

Grooming tip: All shaving brushes need to be ‘broken-in’ and this is achieved simply by using the brush. The more it is used, the more the hairs will soften and split at the ends to create a softer tip

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