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  • Carri Smith
    I am very happy with the basins and chairs I ordered, thank you!
    Carri Smith
  • Jaime Riddell
    Thank you so much for the quick delivery, amazing service.
    Jaime Riddell
    Studio No. 6
  • Pei Li
    Everything is perfect and there are no issues.  Thanks again for your help and the amazing service.
    Pei Li
  • I have just finished unpacking the products and are totally satisfied with them.  The quality is great.  Thank you for your prompt delivery, the service and follow up you have provided has been 5 star.
    Ross McCulloch
  • Suzi Evans
    Everything arrived safely and swiftly and I can't wait to use them...especially the shampoo massage lounger!  Thank you for your help and patience, I truly appreciate it.
    Suzi Evans
  • Vandana
    Best customer service so far I have received; it's so nice of you to follow up, thank you so much.
  • Sandra Chagonda
    I love the furniture and the prompt delivery.
    Sandra Chagonda
    Divine Hair Extensions
  • Joel T
    Great customer support, great product, received the tattoo chair very quickly from ordering.  Would highly recommend Salon Furniture and will gladly do more business with them in the future. 5/5
    Joel T

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