Immortal Infuse Cologne Wood Barrel 50ml

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BE BOLD. BE IMMORTAL. Fragrance plays an essential role in how others perceive and remember you. As such it is an integral part of your personal style. Using and applying cologne is an art that you can quickly master. Chose from four great fragrances: Sandalwood Old Marine Wood Barrel Smoked Pine Be anything but boring with Immortal NYC colognes, beard care, and hair products for men. Our unique line of salon quality products lets you take your look to new heights. Immortal NYC – Just Like The City It’s Named For. At Immortal NYC, we set out to create a line of mens hair care, personal care and beard care products that’s trendy and new but also reflects the timelessness of the environment in which we created it -New York City. We are committed to developing creative and quality products for distribution all over the world. That’s why we’ve developed a line that brings value for consumers and professionals every day.

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